Berlin: Prohibition of misuse of living space has been loosened: up to 60 days a year you can rent out your apartment to tourists

Apartments in Berlin are scarce. Therefore, the Senate had decided a ban on misappropriation, which it banned with effect from 1 May 2014, to rent out apartments without special permission to tourists. For whole rental houses, this still applies, but for private apartments, the Senate has decided a relaxation shortly before Christmas.

Expected to be in effect as of May, you can rent out your apartment up to 60 days a year in the future as a holiday apartment. Berlin Senate decided a corresponding amendment to the law.

According to the draft reform, private owners only have to inform the district office about how long and to whom they have rented out their flat.

Furthermore the permissible period of vacancy of an apartment was shortened in this amendment from six to three months.
New construction and renovation of residential and commercial buildings in Berlin needs capital. In order for a real estate investment in Berlin to continue to pay off, the existing restrictions should not be tightened. In this respect, it is to be welcomed that there is a relaxation here and at least the private home user, for example during a longer trip, may sublet his apartment.

Detailed information on the prohibition of so called misuse of living space can be found here: